Good people must suffer

I take more flights than I should. I try to be a good person in other ways, but I definitely take way too many flights. So far in 2022, I’ve been to Barcelona, Tenerife (which I don’t recommend at all!), and Vienna. Later this month I’m going to Turkey, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I went on another holiday later in the year. I also expect to do quite a bit of travelling next year - I could tell you that I really intend to cut down, and I definitely want to take fewer flights than I did this year, but I still know I’ll take at least two. So clearly, I’m pretty selfish when it comes to how much I travel. (A quick aside: all this jet-setting might leave you with the impression that I’m extremely rich. In fact, I earn a good salary but nothing exorbitant, the main privilege I have is the fact that I pay very little rent because I live with my parents).

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