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Nicely sane breakdown

Btw this should say "than men" I believe :)

"if, for instance, women have lower wages than women partially because high-paying jobs are less likely to hire them"

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I think the control for occupation crowd is attacking the argument that women are discriminated against within their job by being paid less but doing the same thing. Sometimes it seems like that is implied. If the argument is that jobs won't hire the women, then you are correct that isn't a good argument. Sometimes the exact argument isn't clear because it's something like "Women make XX% of what men make, and that is not fair" So, you are left guessing where they think the discrimination is.

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Not a subject I'm well informed about, but it occurs to me all those control variables that eat up the effect of gender on wages are good candidates to look at as mediators of an indirect effect of gender. Surely there must be a ton of researchers who have extended beyond regression to propose plausible causal models? (Love the blog!)

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Well articulated point that I haven't considered!

How do you feel about controlling for personality traits, like agreeableness? Would you say that's downstream from gender or not?

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