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If you're looking for Spanish movies, I definitely recommend Almodóvar. Especially "Hable con ella", "La ley del deseo", and "Volver".

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Thanks, I liked parallel mothers so I really should check out more Almodóvar.

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I got into Samstack! I wrote the "Maybe Family Planning Charities Are Better..." EA forum post linked.

I, evidently, also think that the poor meat-eater problem is serious. Family planning charities do seem to improve human health and well being, as well as maybe helping animals. But I doubt they increase total human well-being so some views of population ethics will disagree that they help humans. I feel like charities which don't lengthen or save human lives, but still improve them might be less likely to be harmful? Something like the Fistula Foundation seems to improve lives. It might also increase their consumption (and thus their consumption of meat?) but idk

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Not sure whereabouts in Spain you're going to be, but if you're in Madrid then I'd go all in on Pedro Almodóvar: Pain and Glory, Talk to Her, and Julieta are fun recent ones.

There's an amazing sci-fi film by Nacho Vigalondo called Timecrimes.

Julio Medem is a great Basque director: Sex and Lucía, Lovers of the Arctic Circle, and The Red Squirrel.

For comedy, check out Ocho Apellidos Vascos, which is a culture clash between the equivalent of Essex and Newcastle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPnoq1vuLu0

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On the consciousness meter point, it's both more complex and simple. It's both, it's a beep and a meter. We created one, shoot me a note: mike@joinsensie.com and I'll share it with you over a zoom call.

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Since there are, two discussions of consciousness, I'll share my 5 cents:

If it signals that it doesn't want to be poked, I'll treat it the same, whether conscious or not.

A story by Sol Quy with P-Zombies got me thinking about that:


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#6 is real. I know someone who stopped donating blood plasma because of it. Donating to family planning-esque charities seems the way to do both.

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I also stopped donating blood, and canceled my plans to donate a kidney based off it. Decisions I still feel emotionally very conflicted about!

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