What is Samstack?

I got told I should add this ‘Featured Publication’ badge to my About Page, which I’ve decided to do, but feel weird about it. Bit arrogant, innit?

Welcome to Samstack. This is my Substack, where I write about social science research, forecasting, Effective Altruism, and occasionally about stuff in my personal life. My (not real) name is Sam Atis - I grew up and live in London, and I did a master’s degree in Political Science at UCL. I will probably someday do a PhD. Art on the blog (since Aug 2022) is created by Midjourney AI. I am grateful to Tyler Cowen and Emergent Ventures for keeping Samstack free. Further thanks go to Jonathan Mann, Misha Yagudin, Peter McLaughlin, Matthew Ritter, Sam Bowman, Michael Story, and James Özden for helping in various big and small ways.

Thanks for reading!

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